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City of Houston Contracts Database

The City of Houston Contracts Database allows users to search for open and closed City of Houston contracts by entering any of the following search parameters: Contract/Project Number, Contract Description or Prime Contractor.*

This database is for informational purposes only. The reporting of accurate payment information is the exclusive responsibility of the prime contractors and payments reported are intended to reflect past payments only. Please allow at least 30 days for payments from the City of Houston to prime contractors to appear in the database.

For questions, please contact the Office of Business Opportunity, Contract Compliance Division at (832) 393-0609.

Search Instructions

1. Enter at least one of the following search parameters: Contract/Project Number, Contract Description or Prime Contractor.
2. Then click the Search button. The contract/project number, contract description and prime contractor name will appear.
3. Click the View link for additional information for the selected contract which will include award/payment amounts, subcontractor details (if applicable) and prime contractor's progress toward meeting the S/M/W/DBE goal (if applicable). Please Note: The information will open in a new window.

Search by Contract Information
Prime Contractor
Contract Number
Contract Description
Contract Type
Award Date
Enter values into both fields in mm/dd/yyyy format
Contract Status

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