City of Houston MWSBE/PDBE, DBE/ACDBE, and LGBTBE Directory

Search the City of Houston's MWSBE/PDBE, DBE/ACDBE and LGBTBE Directory by entering search terms and clicking Search. You must select at least one certification type.

This online directory lists firms certified by the City of Houston (Certifications: MBE, WBE, SBE, PDBE, DBE, and ACDBE) and the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (Certification: LGBTBE). Firms that appear in the City of Houston Directory are currently certified and approved to be utilized toward meeting established contract goals in their displayed certification type(s) (i.e. MBE, WBE, SBE, PDBE, DBE, DBE (FAA) and/or ACDBE). LGBTBE firms cannot be utilized toward meeting established MWSBE/PDBE/DBE/ACDBE contract goals. Firms that do not appear in the City of Houston Directory as of the date of your search are not certified with the City of Houston.

Texas Unified Certification Program Online Directory
For DBE firms, an agreement mandated by Federal DOT establishes a central directory (UCP) located on the State of Texas website. The combined TUCP directory contains DBE firms certified by all TUCP partner agencies, including the City of Houston. Please use this directory when searching for DBE certified firms.

Use of DBE/ DBE (FAA) Certifications
DBE firms are approved to be utilized toward meeting all established DBE contract goals including DBE goals on (FAA) assisted projects. DBE (FAA) firms are approved to be utilized toward meeting established contract goals for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) assisted projects only.

Construction Contracts Only
Native-American-owned firms that are certified as MBEs cannot be used to meet MBE goals on construction contracts. Subject to any stated limitations imposed by the City of Houston, Native-American-owned firms can only be used as SBEs in the fulfillment of MBE goals.

Suspended Firms
Firms that are noted as suspended cannot be utilized for-credit in new contracts until the suspension is removed. For additional details please reference the US DOT Regulations.

NOTE: The TXDOT SBE certification is not recognized by the City of Houston and may not be used to satisfy the City’s contract goal requirements.


Please note that the issue of whether a firm performs a Commercially Useful Function (CUF) is not reviewed at the same time of certification. MWSBE/PDBE/DBE/ACDBE firms must be certified with appropriate NAICS and Work Codes and/or description. To prevent a disallowance or reduction in the final credit received, Prime contractors must conduct their own due diligence to verify if a firm listed in the MWSBE/PDBE/DBE/ACDBE directory performs a CUF before they commit to use the firm.

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